20 January 2014

Interior Inspiration: {kourtney kardashian los angeles home}

When it comes to home interiors, Kourtney Kardashian definitely chose wisely in working with designer Jeff Andrews. This fabulous interior pops with so much energy that it highlights the rad in radical. There are unique, statement pieces in every room and the accent colours clash in a beautiful way. Detail has been applied to every wall and ceiling and each room is abundant with colour, fun and spontaneity. Fabulously fun design!

{images via: dailymail}

24 December 2013

{Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I hope you have a fabulous Happy Holiday and I wish you all Love, Health and Happiness for the year ahead! 

Natalia Jane xo

{image via: heartsandmagic}

23 December 2013

Colour Inspiration: {gold, glitter & glamour}

The metallic trend had a huge comeback this year flourishing with golden hues appearing in fashion through to interiors and home decor. I find gold, particularly used in fashion, highly desirable and glamorous in winter. It evokes a magical atmosphere when used delicately within a room and is a top choice for evening wear alongside the little black dress. Get gold and glitter!

{image via: iloveprettypinkthings}

{image via: alohabitches}

 {image via: littleplastichorses}

{image via: houzz}

{image via: bohemian-fleur}

{image via: table6productions}

{image via:thecuriousbumblebee}

{image via: tobeavirginian}

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Holiday Inspiration: {have a white christmas}

When it comes to deciding how to decorate your home for Christmas one can get overwhelmed with all the new decorative accessories available. Most people stick to their traditional decor which mainly consists of the colours, red, gold and green or even blue and silver. White decor is a great way to add a fresh and contemporary feel to the home with the same feeling of warmth which a traditional decor provides.

{image via: feathers-lace}

White decor can provide the warm winter feel. 

{image via: ana-rosa}
{image via: keltainentalorannalla}

 A beautiful idea is to hang baubles and ornaments from a chandelier or similar lighting.

{image via: planete-deco}

{image via: nadinescakes}

{image via: pinterest}

 Keep it classy with wonderful snowflake and star inspired cookies.

{image via: williams-sonoma}

{image via: sunris-es}

{image via: 25.media}

9 October 2013

Style Inspiration: {cavalli class ~ stylish lady}

Autumn is a beautiful season where bold colours such as gorgeous plums and exotic teals can be worn. These tones are wonderful at complimenting fall make up especially the smoky eye and rouge lips. Roberto Cavalli has perfected the autumnal classy lady look with these fabulous pieces.

{images via: obertocavalli}

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