30 July 2014

Take note! 5 Core Beliefs of Incredibly Successful People.

27 July 2014

Interior Inspiration: {children's bedrooms with farrow & ball}

Farrow & Ball have always been a favourite paint source of mine, from updating shabby chic furniture to updating a room, their brilliant variety of paint colours and finishes suit any surface and design.When it comes to decorating children's bedrooms, colour and the use of creativity is a primary factor. Below Farrow & Ball have put together a great collection of inspirational children's bedrooms all painted using Farrow and Ball.

"Transform children’s rooms into colourful hideaways with Farrow & Ball modern emulsion.

When it comes to decorating it’s not only important to choose the right colour but also the right paint finish to suit your immediate needs. Available in all 132 Farrow & Ball colours, Modern Emulsion is a more hardwearing alternative to Estate Emulsion, while still retaining the matt Farrow & Ball look. This durable finish is the perfect choice for children’s bedrooms which not only have to live up to a lot of wear and tear, but also changing tastes over the years. From nurseries to teenage hideaways, the key is to choose colours and patterns that can be easily adapted and updated for a new look as and when tastes change.

Children’s playrooms and dens are great places to be bold and have fun with colour. Accents of bright colours like Rectory Red, Charlotte’s Locks, Yellowcake, St Giles Blue and Arsenic are a brilliant way to add vibrancy to a room and create pops of colour. While moodier tones like Down Pipe, Railings or Stiffkey Blue will create a striking backdrop with a contemporary edge in a teenage bedroom.

All our paints are water based and eco friendly with a low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and low odour. Our paints have also been independently tested and approved to meet the Toy Safety Standard*, so parents can rest assured when decorating their children’s nurseries and bedrooms or painting children’s accessories, toys or cots. When complete washability, stain and scuff resistance is required, Modern Emulsion is the ultimate high performance alternative to Estate Emulsion. It has a low sheen level and is the ideal finish for all walls and ceilings in not only children’s bedrooms, but kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and other areas of intensive usage."

- Farrow & Ball

Wall: Pale Powder® No.204 & All White™ No.2005 Modern Emulsion.

Wall: Dayroom Yellow™ No.233, Lulworth Blue® No.89, Cinder Rose™ No.246, Breakfast
Room Green® No.81 & Blazer® No.212 Modern Emulsion, Door: Yellowcake® No.279 & Dayroom Yellow™ No.233 Estate® Eggshell.

Wall: Stiffkey Blue® No.281, Cook’s Blue® No.237, Blackened® No.2011 & Blazer® No.212 Modern Emulsion.
Wall: Stiffkey Blue® No.281, Blackened® No.2011 & Blazer® No.212 Modern Emulsion.

Wall: Stiffkey Blue® No.281, Cook’s Blue® No.237, & Blackened® No.2011 Modern Emulsion.

Wall: Cooking Apple Green® No.32, All White™ No.2005 & Calke Green® No.34 Modern
Emulsion. Stools: Churlish Green™ No.251 & Parma Gray® No.27 Estate® Eggshell.

Wall: Lamp Room Gray® No.88, Blackened® No.2011
& Pelt® No.254 Modern Emulsion, Floor: Pavillion Gray® No.242 Floor Paint.

Wall: Blackened® No.2011, Cook’s Blue® No.237, Dayroom Yellow™ No.233 & Incarnadine™ No.248 Modern Emulsion.

Wall: Cook’s Blue® No.237, St Giles Blue® No.280, Stiffkey Blue® No.281 & Lulworth Blue® No.89 Modern Emulsion.

Wallpaper: Vermicelli BP 1553, Nancy’s
Blushes® No.278 & Wimborne White® No.239, Wall: Pink Ground™ No.202 Modern Emulsion.

Wall: Churlish Green™ No.251, Down Pipe® No.26 & Ammonite® No.274 Modern Emulsion.

{images courtesy of Farrow & Ball}

25 July 2014

Style Inspiration: {Long Pixie / Little White Dress}

With Summer in full bloom I opted for a change of style and decided to go short. I've gone for a short pixie style cut and I absolutely love it. It feels fresh, light and sexy. When wearing a short style, attire has to be taken into consideration. Cute spring / summer dresses look great and stylishly compliment shorter styles. This evokes a more feminine look and ladylike appeal; think Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou!

Photos by Gareth Mighall

22 July 2014

Interior Inspiration: {stunning rooftop bars}

City skylines in itself are stunning, now imagine a beautifully designed rooftop bar overlooking a spectacular skyline?

These are some of the most creatively designed and wonderfully situated rooftop bars in the world. From super glamorous to romantically perfect, these rooftop bars are absolutely breathtaking!

360°, Istanbul 

Aer, Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai 

Ghostbar, Las Vegas  

Hotel Raphael, Rome 

Ku Dé Ta, Bangkok

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar, San Miguel de Allende 

Ozone, Hong Kong

Ayana Resort, Rock Bar, Bali 

Sky Bar, The Dome at Lebua, Bangkok

Skye Restaurante & Bar São Paulo 

Skyline, Venice  

The London, Hollywood

The Press Lounge, New York 

Top mountain star, Austria

{images via: swide}

14 July 2014

5 Ways to update your bedroom

There are many ways to redecorate your bedroom. When it comes to style there are no rules. You can use dark colours in a small space just as you can use light and neural in a big space. Where you need to pay attention is to the balance. The balance and air flow has to be right in a room so that the required atmosphere and ambience is achieved.

Below are 5 easy steps to achieving a light, dreamy bedroom this summer.

Nude Walls

White, creams, light pinks and grays work beautifully in a space where one wants to create a light and airy space. Neutral, organic colours are an excellent backdrop and foundation to create your desired room. Nude colours make a space seem larger, it also gives opportunity to play with colour, texture and accents within the room.

{image via: nessacontessa}

{image via: linenhouse}

{image via: imperfectlypolished}
Pretty Fabrics

Cushions, throws and rugs provide a softness to most rooms. They give a finishing touch to sofas and beds. When using soft furnishings in a bedroom opt for cream coloured fabrics and rose coloured fabrics. They provide a delicate and feminine touch to the bedroom. 

{image via: la-la-la-bonne-vie}

{image via: ana-rosa}

Lighting - Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are fabulous, I would consider even putting one in my bathroom as they portray so much glamour and style. A chandelier in a bedroom will give that finishing touch of feminine glamour and class to any space. They come in many different sizes so will look just as fabulous in a small space as it would in a large room.
{image via: flickr}

{image via: zsazsabellagio}

{image via: elkiebrown}


I cannot highlight the need to use accessories in the bedroom. This can range from photo frames, to candles and flowers. Accessories add character to a room and this is where you can personalise it to your own taste. Uplift the bedroom with a beautiful scented candle or highlight a wall with a piece of wall art.

{image via: theglitteratigirls}


A good airflow is fundamental in a bedroom as it is a place most retreat to after a long days work or a busy weekend. Its a part of the home where you can relax and unwind and therefore it should be clutter free. Before redecorating your bedroom, clear out your wardrobe and all the unnecessary things you no longer need. With a clean and clutter-free room you're already on your way to achieving that bedroom you've always dreamed of. 

{image via: bubblegarm}

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